Episode One: Future Trends

Recap: In our inaugural episode, we look at future food trends and how they will impact our lives. Those trends include sustainability, food waste, native proteins, smart kitchens, indoor gardening, and more. Which of these will be a hit, and which will be a miss? Our experts are Michael Wolf, publisher of The Spoon, and Jen Stojkovic, founder of the Vegan Women’s Summit as well as tech innovator, investor, and more. Also, we will talk about the goals of the show and preview coming episodes.


Michael Wolf, Publisher, The Spoon: https://thespoon.tech/

Jen Stojkovic, Vegans Women’s Summit: https://www.veganwomensummit.com/

Engine 2 Diet: https://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/special-diets/engine-2

Rip Esselstyn, founder, of Engine 2 Diet: https://plantbasedcentral.com/people/esselstyn-rip/

Info on diabetes: https://diabetes.org/diabetes

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